The purpose of ABC Sunday School is to REACH people for Jesus, GROW them in the truths of God's Word, and LOVE them through caring, lasting relationships. Classes meet each Sunday at 9:30am, and we have a variety of different classes to choose from!

JAM (Babies—Pre-Kinder)

Time: 8:15am, 9:30am, 11:00am

Director: Veda McWhorter

(Rooms P101-106—Downstairs)

First Time Check-In: 

at Welcome Center

Regular Check-In: 

Preschool Hallway

SHINE (Kinder—5th Grade)

Time: 8:15am, 9:30am, 11:00am

Director: Julie Martin

(See Different Rooms Below) 

First Time Check-In: 

at Welcome Center

Regular Check-In: 

Family Life Center (Gym)

SHINE (Kindergarten)

Teachers: Hazel Sanders & Denise Bumpous

(Room C113—Upstairs)

SHINE (1st Grade)

Teacher: Rickey & Michelle Montgomery

(Room C112—Upstairs)

SHINE (2nd-3rd Grade)

Teachers: Marcelo & Isabel Diaz

(Room C111—Upstairs)

SHINE (4-5th Grade)

Teachers: Robert Dwyer & Alyssa Pena

(Room Y110—Upstairs)

THE ZONE (6-8th Grade Boys)

Teachers: Hunter Whetsel, Bobby Lamontagne

(Room C105—Upstairs)

THE ZONE (6-8th Grade Girls)

Teachers: Shana Whetsel, Courtney Lamontagne

(Room C110—Upstairs)

SOUL FUEL (9-12th Grade Boys)

Teachers: Justin Chapman, Matthew Wright, Michael Hatch, Theo Olivas

(Room Y100—Upstairs)

SOUL FUEL (9-12th Grade Girls)

Teachers: Tracie Chapman, Denise Wright, Tracie Hatch, Sonya Olivas

(Room Y100—Upstairs)

College & Career (18-25 years)

Teachers: Jerry & Shannon Young, Daniel & Ruth Alarcon

(Room C104—Upstairs)

Common Ground (20-39 years)

Teachers: Adam & Kendra Harrington

(Room Y109—Upstairs)

Veritas (Adults)

Teacher: Nat Simmons

(Worship Center—Downstairs)

Amistad (Adults)

Teacher: Jordan Doty

(Room A202—Upstairs Worship Center)

The Throne Room (Adult)

Teacher: Chris Besherse 

(Room A203—Upstairs Worship Center)

Unity (Adults)

Teacher: Ken Weston

(Room C101—Upstairs)

Faith and Family (Adults)

Teacher: Larry Smith

(Room C102—Upstairs)

Christ Followers (Adults)

Teacher: Charlie Speegle

(Room C103Upstairs)

Joy Seekers (Women)

Teacher: Brenda Simmons

(Room A101)

Legacy (Senior Women)

Teacher: Mina Driver

(Room A103)

Overcomers (Senior Men) 

Teachers: Various 

(Conference Room—Downstairs)

Disciples' Fellowship (Adult)

Teacher: Ralph Mathisen

(Prayer Chapel)